Correspondences of the Bible: The Plants
  • Correspondences of the Bible: The Plants

  • Author : John Worcester
  • Format : paperback, e-book
  • ISBN : 978-0-87785-113-4 pb,
    978-0-87785-657-3 e-book
  • Length : 236 pages
  • Release Date : May 2009
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About This Book

  • Correspondences of the Bible: Plants represent the more passive characteristics of our personalities, living examples of how knowledge takes root in our mind and how that knowledge inspires us to act. Every part of a plant has its own special meaning, from its seeds and the shape of its leaves to the sweetness of flowers and fruit. The Plants shows us how we can draw spiritual inspiration from the plants we use every day for food, clothing, shelter, and decoration.

    After covering the plants themselves, Worcester explores the parts of the natural world that sustain plant life - from the ground beneath our feet to sunlight, water, and air. Different forms of rocks and minerals represent different types of established fact, while water encourages mobility, and the sun reflects divine love shining down on us all. Science blends with biblical lore to illuminate humanity's deeply interconnected relationships with the world around us.

  • Rev. John Worcester (1834-1900) was born in Boston and lived in Massachusetts for most of his life. The son of a minister, he was trained by his father in theology and studied physiology and related subjects at the Lawrence Scientific School, which later became part of Harvard University. He was pastor to the Newtonville New Church Society in Massachusetts for forty-two years, and taught at the New Church Theological School for many years, serving as the school's president from 1881 to 1894. In addition to his books on correspondences, he published a number of volumes with his sermons and lessons on Genesis, Exodus, the Psalms, and the gospels of Matthew and Luke.

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