Swedenborg on the Afterlife

  • What Happens after We Die?

    Swedenborg describes creation as made up of two separate and yet coexisting “worlds”: the natural world and the spiritual world. The natural world includes everything you see around you—the grass, the sky, houses, other people, your own body, and so on. The spiritual world consists of the unseen realities that we do not fully encounter until after death: heaven, hell, and the world of spirits in between. The afterlife, he said, is a vast realm where our lives continue much as they did on earth. Read more about Swedenborg’s vision of the spiritual world.

    Who was Emanuel Swedenborg?

    Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) was a Swedish scientist and nobleman who used his expertise in engineering and metallurgy to advance his country’s mining industry. Then, in his mid-fifties, his career was interrupted by a powerful spiritual awakening. What he experienced was so compelling that he risked his reputation to publish what he had seen. Learn more about Swedenborg.

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    Heaven and Hell

    Heaven and Hell is Swedenborg’s most popular book and his fullest report of his experiences in the other world. In it he describes heaven, hell, and the world of spirits that lies between them, and he recounts in detail the passage from life to afterlife as well as what happens next.

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    Our Life after Death

    Our Life After Death Cover

    Our Life after Death is a collection of passages from Heaven and Hell that describe the soul’s journey from the moment of death through the stages of self-discovery in the world of spirits.

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    Afterlife is an abridged version of Heaven and Hell, with passages specially chosen to highlight the essence of Swedenborg’s work.

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Swedenborg Says . . .

When we die, we simply move from one world into another. Heaven and Hell #445
There is an intimate connection between the angelic heaven and the human race. They depend on each other, and heaven without people on earth would be like a house without a foundation. Heaven and Hell #304
Almost all the people who arrive from this world are as astonished as they can be to find that they are alive and that they are just as human as ever. Heaven and Hell #456
Absolutely everything [in heaven] appears in its loveliest springtime and its loveliest bloom, with stunning magnificence and variety. Secrets of Heaven #1622
[In the afterlife] kindred souls gravitate toward each other spontaneously, as it were, for with each other they feel as if they were with their own family … when they are with kindred souls, they enjoy the fullest freedom and find life totally delightful. Heaven and Hell #44

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